About Our Shop

Who We Are

At Premiere Pro Shop, we focus on quality over quantity. Our staff is dedicated to the craft and are constantly learning new techniques as they come out. Our goal is to give you a better experience both on, and off the lanes. From the moment you step foot inside our shop, helping you perfect your game is our main focus. We will work with you to fit you with the right equipment through our knowledge and expertise, without emptying your pocket. Afterall, we want you to be happy and excited about your equipment and successful in your bowling career. 

Improve Your Game

Bowlers looking to enhance their game can take a lesson with one of our experienced staff members. We use teaching strategies specifically designed for the learning style and caliber of each individual bowler. From the physical game to the mental game, we will work with you on all aspects including:
  • Physical game analysis
  • Ball recommendations 
  • Techniques 
  • How to play a variety of lane conditions
  • Mental conditioning 
Lessons are made my appointment and are available in half hour and hour increments.

Our Team

Chris Fisher
Owner, Operator

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Chris grew up in and around the bowling world. At the age of 18, Chris joined his first league with his mother Susan. For years, Chris strived to perfect his game, attending Kegel training camp and traveling to bowling centers across the nation. After careful thought, he decided to forgo his career in art and Graphic Design and take up the art of drilling bowling balls. Actively working in the bowling industry for over 15 years, Chris continues to perfect his craft. 

As an Amateur Staff member for Columbia 300 for the past 12 years, he remains dedicated to the sport of bowling and helping adults and juniors, of all skill levels achieve their personal bowling goals. Chris has thrown over 60 – 300 games and 25 – 800s in sanction leagues and tournaments. 

Melanee Gross
Owner, Marketing Coordinator

Melanee began bowling at the age of eight at Howell Lanes in a junior league ran by her father. She quickly fell in love with the game. Unable to bowl for a high school team, she chose to join the Junior Traveling League which brought her to different bowling centers across Monmouth County. Currently, Melanee bowls throughout Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. 

Melanee's career in Graphic Design has made her an asset as Marketing Director for the shop. She now gets to combine her love for art and design with the game that she loves most, bowling.

Jason Gomez Sr.
Special Events Coordinator

Jason Gomez Sr. started bowling at 2 1/2 years old. He bowled his first 300 at 14 and has since tallied 25+ perfect games and 10+ 800 series. Jason is a PBA card holder and certified youth instructor. He has been involved in planning tournaments since 2000 when he pioneered the "Cookie Classic" events. 

Jason has now joined the Premiere Pro Shop team as Special Events Coordinator and is eager to keep the momentum building from their very successful King of the Hill campaign. 

Want to catch up with Jason? You can find him coaching his children's youth league on Staten Island, traveling around the eastern regional tour or on the lanes at his second home, Majestic Lanes.

Brandon Micewicz
Social Media Manager

Brandon began bowling at the age of five with his father in a Junior Bowling League. His passion for the sport quickly grew inside him. Brandon went on to bowl one year Junior Varsity, three years Varsity, for the Old Bridge High School bowling team. As an adult bowler, Brandon has four sanctioned 300s. He currently bowls throughout Monmouth and Middlesex counties in leagues, tournaments and the UBA.

Brandon's love for bowling, as well as social media, enables him to create quality content for our own website and across different social media platforms. He constantly works to keep our audience entertained and informed.

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